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Feb 4

Monday Night Madness: Warren tries to understand Bitcoin Cash and Explains Steller


Edited: Feb 4

Discuss the case for BCH with some Spicy Bois from CoinSpice.

Warren explains the case for Steller Lumes and tries to convince Johnny that he is not a paid shill.

Is there anything NOT in the top 10 on coin market cap that could go all the way to the #1 spot ? what coin is it and why?

When can we get Warren on?

Feb 4Edited: Feb 4

If higher TP/s or throughput comes up in debate.


Does having a higher TP/S blockchain even matter in this space when there has been no adoption after 10 years? 33 million total wallets for bitcoin created. Only 14.7 million wallets with more than 1 USD in them. Fortnite has 200 million accounts created in a year...80 million active.

Feb 5

oh damn that is the devils question


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